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I got fed up with my DNS changing in my Network ip4 settings from my isp changing the network name and causing the old setting to disappear and default back to Obtain From ISP. which is a problem for me since my isp's dns server is unreliable, causing tools and browser to fail. So I have it set to Google's DNS for my internet to work well... 

The tool runs as a tray icon and will monitor any changes in your network configuration related to dns... A change of DNS server or the method used. This can also help detect hacks to your system I guess.

Unzip the file and run the setup. Then Search for DNSMonitor in the search box (Sorry this 2015 MS Dev Studio installer is a little weird (Yay windows and ms!) installing the app somewhere in the annals of the User's AppData folder)

The shortcut should appear and you can run it then and there or you can right click, Open File Location, in order to copy the shortcut to your startup so the program runs when windows start.

How it works is quite simple. At first run, it should complain you have no settings recorded for monitoring.  You Hit the "Remember This" button in order to save the settings and you click "Start Check Now".  At that point the system is running and will continue to run and monitor those settings when you restart it.

The system will check every 3 seconds for any changes on all of your network settings.

There is also a button to get you to the Network Settings where you can Right Click->Properties to go and change the settings.  Assuming you know what you are doing.

When a change is detected you will be notified. From there you can look at the new data and see if it's valid or not. and choose to remember the new changes

Every time there is a change, the system will also stop monitoring giving you a chance to see the changes made... It's up to you to re-start the monitoring when that happens.

Note on Avast a other security software and VPNs:

1) Please scan the zip for viruses as you should always do. Avast will struggle with the installation as the setup and the installed program are not digitally signed and, though I have a virus scanner, there is never any guaranties!

2) Avast Behaviour Shield may complain of "strange behaviours" running the program especially if you set it up to run on startup. It seems that an unsigned software reading the network data at startup is considered a nono and will flag it as potential malware.  In the "Action To Take" drop down, select "Ignore" and the program should work onward on...

3) Starting and Stopping a VPN may cause a detectable change. When that happens you may record the change and hit Start to continue monitoring while the vpn is running... When the VPN stops the same thing will happen.

Change Log:


Moved the To Tray option to a separate button and removed the message on Close giving the option to close or tray the application, which prevented windows from shutting down

Fixed the issue with not being able to select text from or scroll or peruse the left text box


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