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Finally A Better Game Maker Help File!

TMC Game Maker Help System Mod version 4 for Game Maker Studio 1 and 2 (+ others)

TMC Help Mod for #GameMaker Help site

Improve your skills by leveraging YoyoGame's Studio Help system

Version 4 adds content search and content highlighting when doing content search.

fix for launching html5 games

Improved navigation

in frame duck duck go which is the only search engine that indexed all the sites involved


Easy Hyper Text Link Sharing Via Copyable Link provided for relevant sites

Easy Searching through all help systems, including glmscripts.com

Easy Searching of other relevant sites like Game Maker Community Manual, reddit/gamemaker, the GameMaker forum and the help manual through duckduckgo

Fingertip Access to the YoYo Blog, the YoYo Bugs database and yoyo's problem report page

This is not another help site. This is YoYo's help System with a Facelift

This is tampermonkey/greasemonkey script which modifies the Game Maker Online Help to match the look of the content.

It removes the left panel and replaces it with a treeview on steroids.

The treeview can be searched and the branches will expand and items will be selected to match the content on the right side. (As long as the content is from the help site (Content syncing for gms:1 can only work when on docs.yoyogames.com while content syncing for gms:2 only works when on docs2.yoyogames.com, even though you can have access to both help system under one roof; it is the nature of the browser security)

The system also provides a better content search by using duckduckgo as the search engine, wildcard search and content search using my own index system which basically contains every word from all the help file including gmlscripts which is a drastic improvement from the default help system which only contains a few hundred words...



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