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Finally A Better Game Maker Help File!

This tampermonkey/greasemonkey script modifies the Game Maker Online Help to match the look of the content.

It removes the left panel and replaces it with a treeview on steroids.

The treeview can be searched and the branches will expand and items will be selected to match the content on the right side.

The system also provides a better content search by using bing as the search engine as opposed to the original system which used a cheap index based search.

Bonus various other web searches are also included, to search the yoyo blog, the game maker forum, the reddit forum and the bugs database.

Use the Consolidated File (VERSION 2), the others 2 (VERSION 1) are provided if you do not want to use the consolidated file, they are not required.

UPDATE 2.8 Fixed Spawning Contextual Help from gms2

UPDATE 2.7 Web Search Button will open bing in the iframe and google in a tab. Chrome Users will have to endure losing focus of the docs tab sorry.

UPDATE 2.6 Re-added (lost) Local Help Support and fixed icons

UPDATE 2.5 Trees Trimed to follow the wildcard * and ? search. Trees May need reseting through collapsing and expanding.

UPDATE 2.4 added wildcard * and ? support for search

UPDATE 2.3 added better support for sidelink for blog and gmcm

UPDATE 2.2 added content update when clicking the GMS1,GMS2 and GMLscripts buttons

UPDATE v2.1 changed suffix to gms1, gms2, gmls

Added prefix with same + ":" gms1:, gms2:, gmls:

The prefix allow you to search in the context of a specific tree, for example gms2:sprite_ will search in the gms2 treeview

Added context switcher to search button bar

iconized the button bar so it takes less space

UPDATE v2.0 consolidates the GMS1 and GMS2 userscripts into 1 files

Added 3rd party gmlscripts.com with the help of xot

Note: only the first treeview will match with the content on the right while navigating the content window

Added suffix system to focus the search in the 2nd or 3rd treeview

The suffix are gms1, gms2, gmlscripts (not really needed)

The suffix system may be needed if you want to located items in the second or third treeview. if Game Maker Studio 1 is the second treeview item, type

sprite_index gms1

to search for sprite_index in the game maker studio 1 help

if Game Maker Studio 2 is the second tree, type gms2 as suffix

the system defaults to the first treeview item if duplicates are found,

the first treeview is in the context of your original navigation/location. docs vs docs2

If on docs.yoyogames.com, The help system is biased to the Game Maker Studio 1 help content, if on docs2, it is biased to Game Maker Studio 2

Update 1.05:

Added File for docs2.yoyogames.com, the help for GMS:2

Some to the WEB features will not work until the web search bots process the site

Update v1.1

Tested on and added Fix for Firefox

Update 1.2

Adds a link to the upper right of the content page under the content header. The link can't be clicked but the text can be selected (double click drag to select entirely) and copied to the clipboard and pasted on the forums, it should create a clickable link on the forum if the forum is smart enough. Tested on forums.yoyogames.com

Update 1.3

Adds the ability to right click the tree view item text in order to access url link...

Update 1.4 tweaked the copyable link on the right to work better

Update 1.5 tweaked the copyable link (xot's changes, thanks man)

Update 1.6 Fixed copyable link on content page not appearing on some browsers


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Published92 days ago
TagsGameMaker, greasemonkey, tampermonkey


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