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Tired of seeing your friends post rhetoric on social media?

Were you planning on muting them or down right remove them from your list?

With MIGA you can simply filter out posts that use certain offensive keywords instead and keep your friends. They'll never know all their bs is getting squashed :)

Being hard on my friends here... Maybe you are just tired of people talking about the same subject...  Or maybe you don't want to see any movie spoiler posted by some inconsiderate jerk :)

Rules of words define what content to hide. Adjust to your heart's content...


  • Hides post under a rectangle so you don't have to read it
  • You can click the rectangle to show the content if you dare
  • Add your own rules and words to the list
  • Swat if any of these words are found rule
  • Swat if any of these words occur too many times rule
  • Keyword search uses RegEx for smart text finding - endless possibilities
  • Option to show the user who posted or not
  • Option to show or change the swat reason text

NOTE: You can modify the rules to your liking, but you need to edit the FilterElements array in the source code and you should copy and save it to a file for safe keeping as an update will replace any changes made.

Same applies with the show user option and swat reason text.

Supported Media Sites

  • Twitter
  • Tweetdeck
  • Youtube

If the interest is high enough, Facebook and other sites will be added; I quit facebook months ago, but I would be willing to get on there just to add support for it ;)


  • GreaseMonkey or TamperMonkey



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MIGA - Social Sh!t Post Swatter